ADMOS 2023

Recorded Oral Presentation Submission To Scipedia (Video Proceedings)

Each author is invited to submit a 5 minute video for the proceedings in SCIPEDIA (not mandatory)(e.g.: admos 2021).

The deadline for submitting the video to SCIPEDIA in order to make it available BEFORE the conference is May 5, 2023.

The deadline for submitting the video to SCIPEDIA in order to make it available AFTER the conference is June 12, 2023.

Please find below the instructions to submit your video:

Step 1: Be sure you have recorded a video presentation (Full HD (1080p) and ASF or WMV, AVI, MPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, QuickTime, WAV, WebM, MXF formats accepted) of 5-minute duration or an optional longer video of a maximum of 20 minutes. (*) Please check our tips on giving a great virtual presentation in the link at the end of this message.

Step 2: Create a link to allow accessibility to it. (Google drive, Box, Drop Box are accepted).

Step 3: Login to your account here. Click the button “Edit” in “My Contributions” area.

Step 4: Copy the link in the “Url to external resource:” box.

(*) Technical Instructions to Give a Great Presentation

  • Practice Your Virtual Presentation (Twice) and Test Your Audio, and Test it Again. We encourage you to create a script of exactly what you want to say, read it out aloud, and time it. Record yourself presenting from start to finish (no stopping to fix something). Watch the recording later and make improvements. Do it again.
  • Record in a bright and quiet space. Record during the day when the sun is up and shining.
  • Have a clean background, use as much light as possible (window light is perfect, let some sunshine in). A desk lamp right next to you will make the picture look less grainy. Too much light from behind leaves you featureless. Check that you are lit from the front, not from behind.
  • Use Slides- The presentation can be supported and improved with slides.
  • Microphone - It is recommended that the participants in the meeting make use of headphones (although if the space where they are located is quiet, this would be enough). Do not touch the microphone while speaking & avoid having noisy accessories (bracelets, tapping a pen, etc). If you use the internal mic from your laptop or device, make sure you are close enough, great audio is a goal too.
  • Camera - either an internal webcam or external web/camera. Try not to move your laptop or device during your talk, it can cause shaking.
  • Composition - Check that you are looking straight at the camera and your video feed is framing the upper part of your torso and your head. Have your whole head in the shot, it looks much more professional. Try not to cut off your head.
  • Presentation/Demo – If you use your laptop always put to full screen, hide your mouse cursor and the “sharing screen” bar that shows at the bottom.
  • Reminder- Remember that the duration of the video cannot exceed the 5 minutes. Later, the video in Scipedia can be replaced by a longer one of maximum 20 minutes. Don't forget to introduce yourself and smile! Make a good impression on the viewers.