ADMOS 2023

Venue: Chalmers University of Technology

About Chalmers

ADMOS 2023 will take place in Chalmers University of Technology. Chalmers is a Swedish university that focuses on research and education in technology, natural sciences, architecture, maritime and management areas. Chalmers is located on two campuses: Johanneberg in the city centre, and Lindholmen in the middle of the expansive Norra Älvstranden (north of the river). Chalmers also conducts research at Onsala Space Observatory 45 km south of Gothenburg. The university is named after its major benefactor, William Chalmers, one of the directors of the successful Swedish East India Company in Gothenburg. Chalmers University of Technology was founded in 1829 through the will of William Chalmers.

Conference Venue: RUNAN

The conference will take place at:
CAMPUS JOHANNEBERG – Chalmers University of Technology

Chalmers Konferens & Restauranger
Chalmersplatsen 1
412 58 Göteborg

RunAn is our big conference room that takes 449 people. The hall is very beautiful with its bright and dark tree panels and armchairs. RunAn has a great scene that is suitable for everything from traditional lectures to theatre and performances. In the rear of the stage there’s a cargo port for bulkier loadings.